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1st Edition – Bean & Cole

1st Edition – Bean & Cole

Welcome to the first edition of our bitchin’ oh sorry, brunchin’ where we gathered our thoughts and, boy it had been a long time but, we tried not to touch on the ‘C’ word too much I promise! 

I’d just finished my weekend ritual of cycling to Northgate Arena and dipping my toe in the water, unlike Gem I’m loving swimming – more on her opinion here. My hair dripping down my back and the morning chill still lingering in the air, I rolled down Foregate street to one of our favourite coffee spots Bean & Cole. Hot coffee in hand, my relaxed muscles absorbed all the caffeine goodness as Gem arrived. She’d had a deliciously lazy morning sleeping in and reading a bit of Sapiens, thankfully she told me this later on because we’ve already had some pretty in-depth convos about that book over BBQs with pals. Slurping our matching cappuccinos, we got down the nitty-gritty.

So here we are Amble 2.0, it’s been a while. We’ve taken some time off and in all honesty, we started our break back at Christmas. We all wanted some chill time and I had just bought a house so my focus lay elsewhere. It was a natural step and we agreed to come back with bells on in January…but, well, that never happened for various reasons and it seemed the Amble elves were still pooped from the festivities. An extended break turned into a super-extended break, but here we are and we gave ourselves a shiny facelift too (only the website, please don’t start squinting at us and saying you can’t see the difference post-surgery).

The new Amble website is much easier to navigate – you can nip back to articles with ease and keep up to date with the latest news. We decided to do away with our events calendar which was extremely time-consuming, but more on that in a later edition. We also introduced a newsletter sign up so instead, we can update you on our latest articles, some extra special content and also the events we’re planning on hitting up. Think of it as a concise and personalised newsletter giving you all the amble best bits and future plans. 

Hopefully, just by reading this, you can see our new direction of content. We’re choosing what we want to cover instead of pumping out reviews. Think in-depth and thoughtful; pieces exploring us and what we like to do in Chester instead articles which in all honesty don’t bring us joy. We’ve never been paid for a piece of writing but we did try and cover everything and anything, which put a strain on the team. Our future ideas revolve around how we spend our time in this wonderful city, what we get up to and what we like – more personality and personal opinion. As we navigate these uncertain times, we’re giving ourselves more feasible timelines and setting a more relaxed pace – you won’t see us popping up on social media constantly. We’re gladly moving into the slow lane and indulging in what we enjoy, when we have the time to enjoy it. This break has shown us we need to fall in love with Amble again rather than force ourselves to commit to it. 

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By no means is this a two-man show, our Amble elves are back and busier than ever. We want to showcase them, their skills, their passions and their life in Chester. Our mailbox is forever open if anyone out there wants to get involved, write us a piece, photograph an event, illustrate our city or basically do their own thang. So get in touch if that sounds like you:   

Where shall we go next I hear you cry! Well as our brunch and bitchin’ (gosh sorry I keep doing that!) continues, we will update you. For now, we’re just going with the flow, planning a photoshoot to show our faces, generating ideas for content and finally, thinking about how we fit into this crazy new world. Next time, I’m thinking we cover funding, fun and ferns (Gem is firmly on the plant train). In the meantime, enjoy what we have buzzing away in the background and if you want to stay in the loop, sign up to our newsletter, follow us on social and if you fancy joining in, shoot us an email. 

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