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2nd Edition – The Moorings

2nd Edition – The Moorings

We brunch on a beautiful September morning at The Moorings. As per usual, Elle arrives on time and I show up late and flustered, having run through Grosvenor Park. 

I’m definitely not a brunch-ready candidate, being intolerant to eggs and mushrooms, so have to go for that classic breakfast choice – the cream scone, whilst Elle tucks into a veggie breakfast. 

My mind whirs to life following the coffee and we’re soon lost in excited chatter. Mostly, of course, about plants. Elle fills me in on the recent swap at The Green Rooms, where she’d arrived with spider plants, bronze grasses and some unidentifiable green leafy things and brought home an abundance of goodness including devil’s ivy and a Christmas cactus. I promise to attend the next one, in three months, when (fingers-crossed) my propagation experiments will be healthy enough to trade.

We’ve both purchased plants online with limited success and agree it’s all about keeping it local (Green Rooms, Violet Palm and Purely Pots).

With our plates clean and our amble hats on, we shift gears and talk about how we want to finish up the year. It’s definitely been a strange one and amble has been super sleepy – from both a lack of contributions (ourselves included) and lack of things to write about. We’ve been in hibernation and we’re trying to come back to life at a speed that suits – slow and steady. The website is looking top notch and reflects much more of what we’re about, so today we’re going to start on photographs that do the same. A few ‘test the water’ shots of us messing about in the city and on the meadows. We know we have to put ourselves out there more, get out from behind our laptops and challenge the myth that we’re some minted, corporate beast. 

We’ve never been paid to write a review or feature and we reiterate to one another, that will never change. Even though it would undoubtedly make us more successful, it just doesn’t appeal – we like being free to say what we think and feel. We want amble to stay truthful and authentic – even if this at the expense of making money. 

My to-do list starts to fatten up: write an amble 2.0 piece letting people know more about us, who we are and what we’re trying to achieve, reach out to some local businesses to see about an interview on how they’re holding up and adapting, and working with Elle on some light, fun pieces – books and playlists (we’re thinking a ‘Walking the Walls’ Autumn one to start).

Elle is going to focus on articles close to her heart such as sustainable fashion (her first instalment is here) as well as pulling together some killer PR and social ideas to hopefully make us more visible to you lovely lot!

We squeeze out of The Moorings (boy, it’s popular) and the river scene is heaving with families and bikers. No one believes in Covid here!

We try to keep our anxiety at bay and navigate the biggest gaps, enroute to Obscure – our favourite coffee stop on this side of the city. The interior alone is inspired, nevermind the great coffee, cake and friendly owners. They also love dogs, although we’re sans pooches today. We stop for a chat and to collect our sweetened iced lattes, posing outside like complete losers for a quick snap:

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We mooch slowly to meadows, planning shots, then spend half an hour being silly in the long grass – with mixed photogenic success. A few decent ones in the bank later (the star of the show is definitely the blanket from local Chester brand The Stripes Company, and It’s back to Elle’s in Handbridge.

We hang out with her purrtastic cat Tig, amidst some jealous-as-hell checking out of her HUGE plant collection and the latest remodelling – she can put a room together as well as a website:

I need to get home for Gatsby’s date with writer Graham’s new pup, Maisie, so Elle drives me in the campervan, which includes reversing up the road like a pro (as if I could respect this woman anymore).

It’s a perfect day that really summises amble – working at leisure, lots of laughter, and remembering why we started this in the first place – friendship and fun.

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