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Brown Sugar, Handbridge


I walk past Brown Sugar on my way to work almost every day and without fail it always catches my eye, mainly because of the quaint little gate outside. It’s been on my list of places to visit for such a long time that when I found myself flying solo on a day off from work it seemed like the perfect way to spend a morning. After a leisurely start I was on my way. It’s one of my favourite journeys across Chester; from Upton to Handbridge, straight through town with a quick glance in store windows, across the bridge (which always makes me feel as though I’m on holiday) and I’m there.

Eating alone can sometimes be a little daunting and an awkward experience but the staff are so friendly that I don’t even think about it. The first things I notice are the little signs that say things like ‘Instant human add coffee’ and ‘Love cake hate diets’. There are around six tables which are nicely spaced leaving plenty of room to move around, and you don’t feel packed in. I hadn’t realised but Brown Sugar is an internet cafe so you can pop in for a coffee and use the free Wi-Fi or sit at one of their computers to use the internet. One of my favourite things about it is the colour scheme – it’s bright blue and instantly mood enhancing. The café is beautiful in the summer but I imagine it would be a magnificent pick me up in the depths of winter when we’re all craving a bit of vitamin D and some brightness. It’s spring in all its glory in the main cafe area and I soon discover they also have an outdoor space at the back which just makes me love it even more.

I choose a seat in the corner near the window where I can happily watch the world go by. It’s a comfortable, friendly environment where everyone who walks in is greeted like a friend and many are welcomed by name. There’s a great sense of community which is inviting and comforting.


There are so many delicious items on the menu to choose from. There are pancakes, salads, paninis, baked potatoes and a breakfast menu. There are also teacakes, which I absolutely love, so choosing what to have takes a little time. There’s no feeling of being rushed to choose or the horror of having to quickly give your order and instantly questioning your choice. I was offered the code to the Wi-Fi and left to enjoy my pot of tea and peruse the menu at my leisure.


As I’m a little bit greedy, I choose the All Day Breakfast and a pot of tea. As I ordered they were very kind in letting me know it was a “big breakfast”. Little did they know that I’m a girl who very much enjoys her food and this was a delight to hear. The All Day Breakfast includes two pieces of bacon, two sausages, scrambled eggs and two slices of toast.
As everything is cooked to order I settle in for a wait, but it really doesn’t take that long at all, and blimey does it look lovely. The toast is doorstop thick and everything is arranged so nicely on the plate it’s was perfect for an ‘Instagram shot’. More importantly, it’s delicious.

The Damage:

As I collect my bill I’m surprised to find there’s little damage at all. Considering how generous my meal was the cost is very reasonable. I pay just over £6.00 for my All Day Breakfast and a pot of tea, making Brown Sugar an everyday place to drop in for a bite to eat rather than a rare treat. Pancakes with bacon and syrup are £4.10 to eat in (£3.60 to take out), get a large cappuccino for £2.30 or enjoy a bacon and sausage sandwich for £3.85 eating in (£3.35 to take out). They also do a Vegetarian Breakfast for £3.95 (take out for £3.45).

Getting there:

Brown Sugar is perfectly situated close to the river at 19 Handbridge, Chester, CH4 7JE

Opening times:

Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Saturday: 9am – 4pm
Sunday: 10am – 2pm


Call 01244 683386 or email Check out the menu here.