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Coffee That Cares – Moss Coffee

Coffee That Cares – Moss Coffee

Visiting coffee shops is a ritual that’s ingrained into the fabric of our nations daily routine. According to research undertaken by Mintel last year, the UK coffee shop market has enjoyed it’s biggest period of growth since 2008, when the market was valued at a staggering £2.2 billion. So when you ask whether new indie, Moss Coffee, on Brook Street, is coming into a saturated market? The answer is no; it would appear that Britain’s coffee shop culture is still full of beans, as our thirst for our daily cuppa joe is forecast to jump a further 29%, reaching a heart-stopping £4.3 billion over the next five years.

I popped in for a chat with the owner, Daniel, over an oat milk flat white (£2.60), to find out how Moss Coffee will quench our undying thirst for the java.  Open 8 am – 5 pm, Monday to Saturday, the first thing that you’ll notice when entering this compact coffee house is the minimalist and stylish interior.  Daniel trained as a professional photographer, and that’s naturally developed his eye for light and space, as this coffee shop is small yet feels anything but cramped; it’s light and calm.

Daniel has chosen a small batch roast coffee from Darkwoods Coffee, located in a beautifully renovated mill, nestled in the moorland landscape of Huddersfield. This is delicious coffee, and as a coffee buff, I like that not only can I quickly establish that my coffee is a light to medium roast arabica, but that it’s been sourced through ethical buying. That everyone involved in the supply chain, right back to the Chiari Family on the Finca Lerida Coffee Estate have been treated fairly. It’s right there on the front of the bag for you.

Daniel’s ethical direction doesn’t stop there. Your takeaway cup is made from paper which is sustainably sourced and has a unique starch-based lining that makes the cup completely biodegradable.  There’s more – as a consequence of the process of making you the perfect cup of coffee, a little overspill is generated. Conscious of waste,  this overspill of ground coffee is collected, which is perfect for a french press or Moka pot, and is bagged up for you to buy for the bargain price of £2.50 for a 200g bag.

Fancy a sweet treat with your coffee? The food offering here is small, although perfectly formed. Enjoy gooey brownies or indulgent millionaires shortbread for £2.50 or heavenly lime and raspberry macaroons for just £1.00 – all gluten-free and all vegan-friendly. I appreciated the thought that had gone into ensuring that there was something for everyone when the food offering is so concise. And before you assume that a vegan brownie is somehow going to taste less delicious; I give you my word, it’s better, much better!

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Something cold to drink? Try a Lemon-Aid. Yes, even your cold drink will support a good cause. Your passionfruit, blood orange or lime Lemon-Aid at £2.50 is organic, contains no chemicals, additives or artificial flavours. It also makes the juice taste sweeter when you know that Lemon-Aid supports numerous projects, from Ecological Agriculture School in San Juan to Child Care Centres in Paraguay.

So, be kind to yourself and enjoy coffee that will tick all the boxes on flavour and value and where know you’re helping to support doing a little good in the world too.

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