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Chester Cathedral is one of Chester’s largest landmarks and a hub for tourists and religious pilgrims alike. However, it’s also home to many exhibitions and events, which may be a surprise to locals! This year, the historic landmark has decided to theme its exhibitions and events on the theme of Waves.

 Earlier this year, Chester Cathedral became inspired by Storyhouse’s Moonlight Flicks in the Roman Gardens, so they decided to transform the Cathedral into an outdoor cinema space. Astroturf on the floor, picnic chairs in the nave, a big screen installed for the film, food and drink on sale; and visitors invited to watch one of two Waves orientated films: the epic Titanic or the family-friendly Finding Nemo. Transforming Chester Cathedral into a cinema space was amazing and a great way to draw in visitors, young and old, who may not otherwise frequent the Cathedral.

Later this year, art exhibitions are also being held. One exhibition involving ten tonnes of newspaper, two vintage cars and two shipping containers is already in place in the Cathedral’s south transept and will be there until the 20th of May. This alternative piece by Scottish artist, David Mach, is pretty cool and worth a visit. It also lays down good hopes for what may come with the Waves textile exhibition by Jacqui Frost – due in June.

Lectures and an organ recital have been organised to celebrate Chester Cathedral’s Waves theme as well as a Lego exhibition. Following on from Chester Zoo’s Big Cats Lego exhibition earlier this year, the Cathedral is now bringing us a sea creature inspired Lego exhibition. Expect enormous fish, sharks and squid made out of thousands of bricks. This will be running over the summer and is undoubtedly a great way to keep the kids entertained!

At the end of the year, Chester Cathedral’s Christmas tree festival is returning and entrants are being encouraged to theme their Christmas trees on Waves.

When asked why Chester Cathedral wanted to focus on the theme of Waves for their events and exhibitions this year, the Dean of Chester said:

“It is easy to take water for granted but it is water that makes our wonderful world the beautiful and living place that it is. We find water in a delicate balance with dry ground at the very beginning of creation but today politics and climate change threaten the balance. In some parts of the world, people are denied access to water; in other parts, flooding and rising sea levels threaten livelihoods.

We want to provoke thought over the course of the next year about how we care for and abuse the world God has given us. And the Gospels tell us that Jesus was baptised in water, walked on water, turned water into wine and described himself as living water, the water of life. What is all that about then? This is what our 2019 programme, waves, is set to explore.”

It sounds like Chester Cathedral has got some great events and exhibitions planned for the year.

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