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Encouraged by my enthusiastic colleagues in the Amble team to try something New in 2018, and inspired by our Top 10 things to do in January article, last Thursday I went to check out and have a go at some improv (Improvised performance) at the, ‘Over 50’s Improv Gym’, facilitated by Liz Morris at Storyhouse.

Approaching 50 and having suffered a brain injury some years ago, I find my mental gears now grind a little too slowly for my liking, and so, on the principal of use it or lose it, I reasoned joining a gym for the brain might be a perfect way to free up my thought processes. My reasoning was correct. The improv exercises, sensitively facilitated by Liz, were funny and relaxed. Nobody is put under the spotlight nor any kind of pressure.

As a result ideas flow very freely: tall tales were told, bluffs were called as travellers’ tales were embroidered more flamboyantly than a Cardinal’s vestments. As a group, we improvised the bizarre story of a rather troubled bus journey, a runaway dog, and the dishy, chip eating, Doctor Brown, the man who put the hypocrite in the Hippocratic Oath.

Thank you to Liz and everyone who attended for a really enjoyable hour. Over 50’s Improv Gym at the Storyhouse is in The Meeting Room every Thursday at 1130-1230 until March 8, for full details and booking click here.