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In November we discovered SisterHub – a new Chester networking and support initiative for women. And by early December we were in the studio of one of the founders, Helen Rutherford-Gregory, who was making sure our nails were suitably festive for the Amble Christmas party (she smashed it). This is because Helen’s skill-set doesn’t stop at networking and empowering women in business (SisterHub’s ethos), she’s also busy running Candy Gloss from her home on Liverpool road, Chester. Fellow SisterHub founder Stephanie Eaton is also a creative magpie, making time for her natural skincare business, Aroma Indulgence.

L-R: Helen & Steph

In the New Year we’ll be chatting to them at length about their stories and the journeys that have culminated in SisterHub. But for now we’re zooming in on the approach of their monthly event pairings; drop ins and networking, both taking place at The Alchemist. Their first networking session is on the 15th December from 12-4pm. If you’re a Big Sister both events are covered in your membership (£10 a month), but there’s also the flexible, pay-as-you-go Little Sister offering, where you pay £5 a meeting.

What can the entrepreneurial women of Chester expect from the 15th? Big Sister Tara Louise, a copywriter known as ‘The Word Professor,’ will be showcasing her business. Rachel Foy, ‘The Soul Fed Woman,’ will be leading an inspiring talk on the concept of being ‘enough’ and linking your self-worth to your business growth. These showcase and speaker slots will feature at every meeting, followed by managed and relaxed networking.

If you fancy expanding your circle and getting in on early on this new Chester venture, tickets to this (and upcoming events) can be booked here. Attendees (and ladies everywhere) are also encouraged to take part in friends of SisterHub, Doll Beauty’s drive to donate Christmas giftbags to the homeless. You can drop off new socks, boxers, hats, gloves or toiletries to their Hoole salon, in exchange for a set of Doll lashes. Or just bring the gifts with you to SisterHub’s networking event, and they’ll make sure all donations are passed on. SisterHub are also on the look out for any unneeded handbags, which they can fill and re-gift.

So there you have it Chester; a bit of good for you and a bit of good for others – an uplifting end to the year.