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Chester Racecourse stage a Roman Day fixture on Saturday, 25 May when the historic location will also host the launch of the 2019 Chester Heritage Festival and continue to celebrate 480 years of racing, since the establishment of the course back in 1539.

A special parade to introduce the Chester Heritage Festival is planned, starting from the Linenhall car park and making its way across to the racecourse at lunchtime. When the parade arrives on the racecourse Chester’s Town Crier will declare the start of the festivities and the festival will be officially launched.  Arriving early to take in the unique atmosphere is recommended!

The afternoon has a family theme with a range of activities taking place at Chester Racecourse. Between races there will be chariot racing and jousting to enjoy – and there is a distinct possibility of coming face-to-face with a Roman during the afternoon.  A range of other interactive activities will provide an insight into historic practices, including mosaics and helmet making for younger racegoers.

“They’re off!” is at 1.45pm, for the first of seven competitive races when the Roodee will come alive as the enthusiastic crowd place a wager and cheer their selections home.  The action is close-up and exciting so take a place on the rails and experience the thrill, speed, colour and vibrancy of horse racing at Chester Racecourse. Make it a date!


Chester Heritage Festival takes place between 21st and 29th June in 2019 with over 60 events in and around Chester.  Events tell the story of our city and its people and, this year, many have a waterways theme, telling the stories of the River Dee and Chester’s canal.