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We all have a favourite piece of clothing that we practically live in, knowing that we will never find something that is quite the same to take its place. I can add several pairs of jeans as well as a jumper of my Dad’s to the list. Sometimes it’s the fit and the way it makes us feel. Sometimes it’s the memories that the clothing holds. Ultimately the garment gives way to the nature of its ephemeral material, consigning it to the back of the wardrobe or the recycling bin.

Celia Pym takes these precious clothes and interviews the owners, drawing out memories and meaning whilst mending the clothing through darning, knitting and embroidery. In doing so, she creates intensely personal finished objects echoing themes of vulnerability, care and repair. She calls herself a ‘damage detective.’

Celia, with her ‘Where Holes Happen’ exhibit, is just one of 12 finalists for the V&A Woman’s Hour Craft Prize, all on show at Chester’s old library on Northgate Street.

You can check out a video of the exhibition here.

The exhibition closes on 16th March and the organiser, Chester Visual Arts, is holding an open day on Saturday 9th March.

There will be special guided tours of the Woman’s Hour Craft Prize exhibition throughout the day. Come and meet members of the Chester Visual Arts team and hear more about its future plans for contemporary art in Chester!

About Chester Visual Arts

Chester Visual Arts is a registered charity based in Chester supported by various local organisations such as Chester and Cheshire West council. The charity is on a mission to make sure that the city continues to attract a programme of quality visual arts events and exhibitions.

Its ultimate aim is to secure a permanent space large enough to attract high-quality art exhibitions from local, national and international artists on an ongoing basis.

How you can help

Visit – the Woman’s Hour Craft exhibition is on in the old library on Northgate Street for free from Wednesday to Saturday, 11am – 5pm. Now until 16 March 2019.

Volunteer – help Chester Visual Arts keep the exhibition open by volunteering as an exhibition invigilator at the gallery.

For more information visit Chester Visual Arts here.

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