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6 weeks into the opening of Obscure, it’s become the go to destination for people seeking quality coffee and a quiet moment.

It’s a common comment to make when you go to any town centre. ‘There’s a coffee shop on every corner!’ or something along those lines…Over the past year, Chester has seen plenty of coffee shops added to the city centre, including new kid on the block, the Vegan Jaunty Goat.

When there’s such a huge choice on offer, the curious amongst us will look for reasons beyond the simple need for a caffeine hit to spend our money. And not many coffee shops have the same passion for the craft as Obscure Coffee. Located at the bottom of Lower Bridge Street, this hidden haven for coffee lovers has received glowing feedback from people of all ages and backgrounds.

‘We’ve been open for about six weeks now and all the reviews have been really promising!’ Says Nick Wells, the thirty-seven-year-old owner. ‘My love of coffee originally started out as just a hobby, but it was so much more fun than sales. After three years at Brew Lab, I wanted to take my experience to Chester; providing people with the absolute best coffee from top roasters like Clipson and Sons.’

Striping back to the beautiful basics, Obscure Coffee opened in November and offers coffee the way Nick insists it should be, from Cold Brew to filter syrups from William Fox. The shop provides locals with the opportunity to get away from busy shopping streets and tourists, instead, relaxing in the hidden back room, complete with church pews.

‘We’ve learnt a lot from the last month in Chester and we’re always looking to improve; make our coffee smoother, sleeker and ultimately better. But we aren’t looking to make any changes without staying pure to ourselves and doing what Obscure started out to do.’

Whilst sitting down for a coffee with Nick, a range of customers walk through the door -students looking for a peaceful place to get their heads down and work, locals wanting a quiet coffee after walking the dog and excited regulars seeking a friendly chat with staff.

Self-proclaimed perfectionist Nick plans to add more to the menu over the coming weeks, with a variety of filter coffee and (in my opinion) the best hot chocolate in the north.

‘We’re expanding our products by adding an incredible decafe to the menu. It took us a while to find one we believe in and want to showcase to our customers. We have a really good relationship with our roasters Clipson and Sons and we’re really excited about the new filter.’

With so many coffee shops in Chester already, it can be a struggle to find one you truly support. Obscure offers us something unique again; dark walls and a contrasting bright and friendly atmosphere and the perfect pit-stop pre a wander along the River Dee.

If you want to relax with quality coffee and enjoy the little moments in life, then why not try out being a little Obscure. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

Opening Hours

8am-5pm Mon-Fri

9am-5pm Sat + Sun