Biohazard: Zombie Survival

Date & Time

Saturday 2nd March @ 6:00 pm


Outpost Paintball Chester



About This Event

Biohazard: Survival is a 3 hour long, fully immersive story about a rogue biotech company who have created a legion of the undead. Over the course of 7 missions you and your squad will have to retrieve essential scientific data, blood samples and bring them back to Dr Green as he tries to find a cure to end the zombie plague before it spreads into the world, ending life as we know it. But with the generators running low on fuel and the scientists needing to be escorted to different locations, you'll need to be on high alert the whole time or you might become infected too... With a highly trained team of actors you will really believe that this is the end of days and only YOU and your friends can save the world.