Eerie Events @ Stanley Palace

Date & Time

Saturday 9th February @ 8:00 pm


Stanley Place



About This Event

Become a paranormal investigator for the night at Stanley Palace, Chester with the team at @Eerieevents.

Stanley Palace, a grade II listed building, was built on a medieval site occupied by the Dominican Friars (Black Friars) for Sir Peter Warburton in 1591 and has since been used as apartments, a boy's school and a museum.

This building is said to house many spirits and have a great amount of paranormal activity within its walls. There has been much documentation, reports, pictures and film to confirm its supernatural status.

A former lady who is thought to be Elizabeth the daughter of Sir Peter Warburton whom died in 1627 manifests herself and has been seen by witnesses. One visitor thought it was a member of staff dressed in old fashion clothes who was assigned to welcome visitors to Stanley Palace. The apparition walked through a doorway which on later inspection turned out to be a panelled wall. People have reported hearing the rustling of her skirt. A man has said to have manifested himself dressed in a Second World War uniform and a Lady with Grey hair was seen playing the piano and is said to have had a preference for Brahms. This was seen upstairs in the Gallery. It is thought that in the Second World War Stanley Palace was a place for recreation for the armed forces. The most distressing ghosts for those that have witnessed her apparition is that of a little girl. She has been seen in a position lying on the stairs that suggests she has fallen down them. What will we encounter when we visit Stanley Palace for a paranormal experience? Book today and find out for yourself what spirits remain at Stanley Palace.