Free Talk on Anxiety

Date & Time

Saturday 16th June @ 11:00 am


Beehive Healthcare



About This Event

There is so much to say on this subject, having experienced varying levels of anxiety in differing situations from a burnout exec in a corporate company, to being a new mum, to dealing with grief. But anxiety also bubbles up in subtle situations and often comes from a place where we have a subconscious limiting belief. These beliefs can be rewired using a variety of methods. I’m here on this day to talk about where anxiety comes from, and when it’s a normal part of our system and when it’s cause for taking action.

Through my studies in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology I share with you the chemical reactions going on in the body and the Amygdala’s influence in anxiety, as well as the more thinking side of the cause of anxiety – the cortex based, as well as when they cross over. This is where I will draw on my psychology/ hypnotherapy and NLP training.

You will leave with a tool to take away with you to help you calm down the symptoms of anxiety and learn about how to reach the cause and rewire your responses, helping you lead the life you know you can.

More details will be uploaded soon including dates, times and venue. If you are interested in securing a spot on this free talk then register your interest at

This is not a sales talk. Each year I offer one free talk and this year I offer it on the subject of anxiety. Each time it's a standalone talk with lot of takeaways and zero commitment