Ghost Hunt

Date & Time

Thursday 12th April @ 9:00 pm





About This Event

Join Psychic Medium Nick Sage for an exclusive Ghost Hunt as we go in search of the paranormal. A night not to be missed.

Watergates street is one of the oldest streets in the U.K. Many historians believe that early medieval buildings that stand on the street were constructed upon the ruins of much older Roman buildings.The Old Crypt is a building at 11 Watergate Street, Chester. The Crypt dates back grom medieval times from about 1180. It is said to be haunted by a deceased sailor, who has often been witnessed crossing the floor of the cellar, emerging from south wall and then
disapearing as he reaches the other side of the room. The spectre is quite a passive and un-intrusive ghost. Footsteps as well as bumps and bangs have all been heard as well as the apparition of a Roman Legionary gas been seen by staff late at night.

Starts 9pm till 1am.

Tickets are £20 pay on door to the Crypt.