Guide to Whisky

Date & Time

Friday 7th September @ 7:00 pm


The Cross Keys



About This Event

whether it was a friend, relative or total stranger that first presented you with a glass of swirling liquid gold, there’s one thing we all have in common… We never looked back!
Whisky truly is the most amazing spirit in the world and we’re going to show you why. Even the most experienced whisky drinkers started out somewhere and that’s what this series is all about.

If you like whisky, have a burgeoning curiosity or want to refresh your knowledge then the TWL Guide To Whisky is perfect. We want to set you off on the right foot and make sure you don’t get sucked into some kind of never-ending spiral of whisky myth, like, ahem… Bourbon isn’t whisky (it definitely is), or peated whisky is peaty because of the water (it’s not), or older whisky is always better (not the case).

So here’s just some of the points we’ll be signing off in this tasting…

• Whisky production.
• Maturation.
• How to nose and taste whisky.
• What makes each whisky different.