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Get with the Flow

Get with the Flow

I admit it, I hadn’t heard of DRU yoga until signing up. As I’m an inquisitive soul, I thought I’d do a little research and pop along to the local class taught by Sylvie More. Firstly, I need to emphasise how beyond friendly, amazing, calming and helpful Sylvie is, both prior to and during my first class experience. We had a great chat online before I came down and as my slight nerves set in she managed to make me feel at ease.

Have a read of this little nugget of info which sums up this style of yoga if you’re clueless like I was:

“DRU is a relatively gentle, flowing form of hatha yoga that focuses on improving the health of your spine, your strength and flexibility in general, and helps you to relax and unwind. Practising DRU yoga helps increase energy levels, relieve stress and ease back pain.”

Basically, it’s not sweaty or scary or intense, it’s about getting in tune with your body, listening to how you feel and bringing awareness to your breathing. You can push yourself as far as you feel comfortable and use breathing techniques to draw energy to muscles and to push tensions away.

My class began on a sunny Sunday evening. Hidden down the backstreets of Chester is the beautiful Unity Centre Building, a perfect location for an intimate gathering. Outside, the cherry trees were in full bloom and it made the area feel like a sanctuary of calm before even stepping inside. Slipping off my shoes at the door I entered the chilled practise space and was greeted warmly by Sylvie, then introduced to each member of the class.

With only nine of us practising, the environment felt very personalised to each individual’s needs as well as focusing on correct technique and form. The welcome herbal tea set the tone for the mindful and gentle style of yoga that focusses on reducing stress levels and restoring both physical and emotional well being. I can honestly say I slept so well afterwards, but at the same time this style of relaxation is also very energizing; the next day at work I felt ready for action!

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I’ve heard DRU is perfect for doing outdoors surrounded by nature, which I can 100% understand as the visualisations Sylvie used incorporated warmth and energy and would be great in a park. I have my fingers crossed for outdoor classes in the summer.

My personal highlight of the class was having the warm sunlight flooding through the windows like a staged scene from a film – beautiful.

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