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Hapless Planter – Ep6: Propagation and the Great Rot

Hapless Planter – Ep6: Propagation and the Great Rot

In Ep5 I shamelessly bragged about my ongoing success with veg. Here’s some photographic evidence:

Planted these tomatoes and courgettes in summer 2020 and I still have high hopes. Often guys, it’s just about having the right attitude.

We also took some rose cuttings around the same time which I’m going to shove in pots outside in March. They’ve not had any water in just under a year. But my opinion is that the role of water in sustaining life is vastly overestimated:


If you think something is dead, put it in water, forget about it, leave it for 18 months, remember it, say, hey you weird little thing, watcha doing these days? Put it back in soil, see what happens. FOR EXAMPLE:

Full disclosure, I’m not entirely confident the exercise will result in anything of value.

Also, remember this graveyard?


Probably saved it for another five minutes. But still saved it.

Anyway, onto yearly spring propagation prep. Every year, I take all the glassware I have with a narrow opening and sterilise it. Half an hour in the sink with hot soapy water, then ten minutes in boiling water in the stockpot. In case you’re not sure what glass looks like in a sink, here you go:

I’m even giving tonic bottles a go this time around. It’s not because I have an alcohol problem and thus a lot of bottles. Jokes; that’s exactly what it is.

Then they’re nice and clean for cuttings. What you’re also going to need: big, healthy plants to snip cuttings from, know-how on where to make the cut (Google), clean scissors or sharp garden thingies (clean them between plants so you don’t transfer disease), the enthusiasm to keep on top of the water level once they get going as some are super thirsty.

See Also

I totally know what I’m taking about approx 3% of the time.

If you don’t have your own plants to steal bits from or they’re too young/sick, have a look at Etsy for cuttings. I recommend this mystery set and this seller (especially for pothos), but there are loads and they’re so cheap.

I’m giving baby spider plants a go for the first time (a gift from a naive friend):

ALSO, another friend gave me this giant beauty:


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