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  1. The weird and wonderful things we’re finding out about  – such as ideas from The Professional Rebel  (I Dare You Project and Unicorn Club). Adults who crave being silly and letting their hair down should check out her site here for fun challenges and events. We’re also very excited about the new performance poetry event – Testify – the first night is the 6th March. And finally Girls Who Make – who recently held a crafting evening at The Flower Cup.
  2. How many routes there are to making friends as an adult. Sign up to GFN (Good For Nothing) where giving back and social fun go hand-in-hand. Scour Meet-Up for your next group, we’re especially fond of Young Professionals. CNW-IVC also come highly recommended, ‘a multi activity member run social club’. You can read all about on thoughts on friendship finding as an ‘grown-up’ here.
  3. Following Meltdown on Twitter. Seriously, trust us. Laura is wonderfully entertaining; funny, down-to-earth, and unafraid to talk all things life and cheese addiction. She makes a damn good toastie too.
  4. Grabbing an ice cream from Cheshire Ice Creams near the River Dee – oh the stillness of the river just beyond the curve – herons, moorhens, cormorants, dragonflies playing around. Finishing it off with a stroll through the dappled sunlight of Grosvenor Park (we know it’s only Feb, but we can dream).
  5. Popping out for brunch or lunch; Gustum, 9 Elephants, Hanky Panky, Marmalade, Little Yellow Pig, just a few of the places we’ve been stuffing our faces at in the last few months.
  6. Seeing the city from up high, walking the walls with a hot toddy or large coffee, exploring the nooks and crannies, nodding hello to passers by, pausing by Chester Falconry during the midst of a live show (especially when they can’t convince the birds to come back).
  7. It’s location. It doesn’t take long at all to get yourself into the country or lose yourself in the forest. After a short run along the canal you’ll hit the ‘Welcome to Wales’ sign. Snowdonia, Peak District, trip to Wirral or city break in Manchester or Liverpool, should you wish to you can quickly take a break from Chester (but we don’t know why you would).
  8. Afternoon tea. We are spoilt for this classically British pasttime, with tearooms galore – Mad Hatters, Beatons, the Grosvenor, Booth Mansion, Oddfellows to name but a few. And boozy or not it’s a delightful indulgence every time.
  9. The buskers. We have some top quality street performers on our doorstep. You can follow @chesterbuskers on Twitter to keep in the know on who’s about. There’s often a choir, or that guy with his drum-playing puppet, or Malcom and John – two lovely guys on the piano and trumpet, or a medley of talented artists serenading us.
  10. Storyhouse – Moonlight Flicks in the park, open air theatre avec Prosecco and picnic in the summer. Not to mention a central hub to flock to when we need to work, catch up, read and wine and dine. A shout out also to Chester Little Theatre and Chester Mystery Plays. The culture!
  11. It packs a lot of punch for its size and offers world firsts; productions, women only Quadrathlon, and becoming the first sustainable palm oil city to try and save the rainforests. Go us.
  12. It’s a pedestrian haven – small but perfectly formed. There’s a lot to explore and it’s all accessible on foot. You can wander into Handbridge or Hoole, or hot foot it up and down the rows in the city, shopping bags in tow, and still get home without blisters. Even the high-heel nemesis, the cobbles, have safe passage routes.
  13. The zoo. Okay, it’s a tourist hotspot, but it’s also a TV celeb – ‘Secret Life of The Zoo’. And the story behind it is fascinating. We highly recommend you read ‘Our Zoo‘ by June Mottershead and find out about the family who battled to create this animal-tastic wonderland.
  14. And of course, for the independents, which we live to champion. We’re delighted about our work-in-progress Map. The Amble Map, like the city’s ever-evolving retail and cultural landscape, is a piece of art that will continually evolve – providing an invaluable guide for locals and tourists alike. We’ve commissioned this map for the people of Chester, and so welcome feedback on who, what and where should be featured. Check it out here.