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What do you think of when you look at a pint? As a student, the only thoughts that pop up in my mind are quiz nights at the local, sticky tables that feel like Velcro and cheap, crap beer you’ve tasted a thousand times.

Beer Heroes is part of the growing reinvention of drinking culture in Chester. No longer are we drinking the basic local stout or pale ale, instead, pubs are bringing in brands and brews from all across the world. With 12 taps that are always changing and over 100 bottled beers to choose from it’s pretty easy to find your niche drink.

Ever since the bar opened in August, Beer Heroes have hosted a comedy night for regulars; free entry and six acts.

The focus isn’t on upselling new beers or getting customers to take bottles away, it’s on the experience – an unexpected rarity.

‘We normally get about 20 people in for comedy night, it’s a good way to bring everyone together and get to know more potential regulars, says event organiser, Bradley. ‘Since we started it, I’d say it’s been about 90% effective but it’s just hard making sure the word gets out sometimes’.

Kelly Ball, Owner of Beer Heroes, has big plans for the bar. ‘Chester has had a huge growth of independent businesses this past year. Everyone knows each other and everyone is collaborating! We really want to start serving food here in collaboration with Burger Shed down the street, cooking the food over there and getting it straight to the bar for the customer to have with a pint’.

The small unit space makes it perfect for hosting intimate affairs and the comedy night exceeded all expectations.

‘It was kind of like performing in Hitler’s gay disco bunker,’ says Barry Head, a comedian who also works as an MC in the Carlton Tavern. ‘All the comedians who work in the area tend to know each other quite well, so you pick up the line-up and umm and ahh at who’s on with you. Like a family get together!’

‘It’s not the sort of location you normally find yourself doing gigs to be honest. But I liked it, some aspects of it needed a bit of work, but I had a good giggle!’

The audience consisted of regulars, friends of performers and couples out for a good laugh. Poor Amber and Dave on the front row got critiqued heavily by the performers. They left with the heavy question of, ‘Why exactly haven’t you proposed after 8-years Dave?’ As well as some serious self-doubt about their career choices.

‘It was actually my first comedy night tonight, so I really didn’t know what to expect,’ says audience member Alek, 20.

‘A lot of it was really funny. I think over time it will develop into something cool. You’ve always got to work out the kinks when you start something.’

Beer Heroes next comedy night is 7th March (first Thursday of the month). Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

We recommend having a chat with the barman before you order and sampling a few possibilities – they’re always changing!