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The British love affair with caffeine is showing no signs of running dry. If we all insist on indulging (and we really do), where are we best off throwing our money and our empty cup over to in Chester?

We all know that coffee is one of the biggest product mark-ups, and after a minute or two with Google, you learn that the cup it comes in can cost almost twice as much as the drink inside. We shiver with rage. We vow to invest in our own kit. We even have a series of mild flirtations with breakfast tea. But we always return for the fix (sorry breakfast tea; I like you, but you’re a bit weak). And according to The British Coffee Association, we’re throwing back around 55 million cups a day. How do we sleep at night? Badly, presumably.

But if you, like me, insist on having a close relationship with your cappuccino, and can’t quite free from yourself from romanticising that Sunday morning stroll through the park, cup in hand, pocket lighter,  heart palpitating at a speedy, caffeine induced rate, then look no further than independent.

Sure, due to your office location, convenience or general lethargy, it’s not always possible to turn your nose up at a chain. But the best of Chester is independent, and there are plenty of quirky coffee shops scattered around. We’ve rounded up the best of the bunch, and even chucked in a handy price guide to boot.

Drink up Chester. (Just don’t forget to sleep well and eat cake too. Cake is good).

City Centre

Jaunty Goat Cappuccino £3 – Hot chocolate £3 – Breakfast Tea £2.80

The Barista’s Cappuccino £2.60 – Hot chocolate £2.60 – Breakfast Tea (Pot) £1.95

Mad Hatters Cappuccino £2.50 – Hot chocolate £2.75 – Breakfast Tea £2.50

Gustum Cappuccino £2.30 – Hot chocolate £2.20 – Breakfast Tea £1.80

Watergate Deli Cappuccino £2.50 – Hot chocolate £2.50 – Breakfast Tea (Tea Pigs) £2.30

The Coffee Mill Cappuccino £2.50 – Hot chocolate £2.50 – Breakfast Tea £2.10

Flower cup Cappuccino £2.60 – Hot chocolate £2.50 – Breakfast Tea £2.30 (pot)





Brown Sugar Cappuccino £2 – Hot chocolate £2.10 – Breakfast Tea £1.45

Spoilt for Choice Cappuccino £2.25 – Hot chocolate £2.35 – Breakfast Tea £1.60 (pot)


Little Yellow Pig Cappuccino £2.40  Hot chocolate (marshmallows) £2.60  Breakfast Tea £1.90 (pot) Cappuccino £2.10   Hot chocolate £2.40  Breakfast Tea £1.89 (Twinnings) (drinks are 20-30p less if taking away)