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Amblers are baring all (don’t worry, it’s a clothes-on exercise, they’re just getting their spaces out). This series is about where we work – in hallway nooks, independent coffee shops, proper grown-up offices, and beyond. You can catch up on the first three spaces here. In this second instalment, we hit the water:

Sophia Shaw – Boaty McBoatface

My desk takes up about half of the living room of my narrowboat home/studio.

For work, I need constant cups of tea, BBC6 music on the radio and half the year I usually have a hot water bottle on my lap!

I do everything here, from drawing and painting, packaging my online shop orders and organising my accounts to boring laptop work like updating my website and Etsy and advertising. It’s tiny but I make it work.

My favourite part of the space has to be the window. Can’t beat watching the ducks cruise past and if we’re out on an adventure the view changes every day. Other distractions include boaty chores and our rescue dog John, both distract me far too much,

I like to work in Storyhouse sometimes when I’m doing tedious laptop work, because I love the atmosphere and browsing the books when I’m procrastinating.

I love my boaty desk, but my dream studio would be a permanent little studio space/gallery alongside other creatives.

I’m upgrading next year though- saving pennies to build my own studio shed

Sophia is responsible for the wonderful watercolour illustrations in issue 3 of amble magazine. You can check out more of her work here.

FB & Insta- @sophiasillustration

Graham Catlin – Nothing but green

This is my home in the Garden Quarter. Before 2pm I’m hitting the coffee, then it’s tea for the rest of the day. Radio 3 is ideally playing Beethoven, Brahms or Wagner.

You’ll find me here: writing, reading, listening to music, plotting and daydreaming.

For me, the best part of my set-up is the beech tree in the garden and the the fact that it’s usually very quiet. Although, squirrel business in the garden can be very distracting.

If I’m not here I’m at Storyhouse or Gladstone Library.

In a perfect world, there’d be a wood burner and alpine or sea views…

Graham has been part of the amble team from the early days, contributing wonderful, engaging and varied features. Take a look at his recent write-up of the Storyhouse Annual Review, his love of That Beer Place, and his interview with local writer John Rodgers.
Twitter: grahambcatlin

Rebecca Casson – Hitting the books

This is my study. My essential working conditions are: quiet, classical music, tea and no distractions please, unless you’re bringing me a cup of tea!

This is where I’ll be blogging, translating, writing fiction, entering story competitions, and working on my very slowly developing novel.

I love being surrounded by books – having a wall of words next to me for inspiration.

I also like writing in bed, especially in the winter.

I have a busy mind. Sometimes I need to make a list of other irrelevant things as I’m writing, so they don’t take up mind space. My procrastinating also includes reading Wikipedia articles that are increasingly less relevant to what I’m researching!

What would I change about my study? You know what, not a thing. It’s perfect, I’ve made it so.

Rebecca joined the amble team earlier this year. When she’s not working behind the scenes on one of our secret projects…shhh..she’s writing some absolute gems. Read all about Vegan Deva, Just Footprints and a book lovers guide to Chester.

Hanging with Sock Puppets – Brain Taylor

This is in the living room (which is connected to a dining area and the kitchen).

I need to have space around the wheelchair and the desks, and quiet is preferred! The air fan in the kitchen and social media are big distractions.

My computer with a drawing pad is definitely the best bit – I’m in love with the drawing pad! This is where I focus on graphics stuff, sketching ideas and other things.

A MacBook Pro with a good battery would make it even better (if I try and work outside the house I need somewhere with a plug socket; my laptop battery doesn’t last long). I also need to get some inspirational images on the wall.