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By now you get the gist. I’ve forced my team (gently) to expose themselves: their desks, their comfy sofas, their hidden nooks. I want to see where the magic happens. And by magic, I mean creative work of course. You can catch up on series 1 and series 2. For now, treat yourselves to the eclectic bunch that is series 3 below. We’re starting with a tech haven:

Serious screen time – Andy

This is my battle station! Well, okay, it’s the corner of my spare room. If I’ve got black coffee, electronic ambient music (Carbon Based Lifeforms, Solar Fields, Tycho, Helios etc.) I’m good to start work.

You’ll find me here editing and retouching photography. I’m really starting to learn advanced techniques in Photoshop for retouching my portrait work. I’ve also started to understand RGB curves when creating presets. This really makes my images stand out.

My PC is probably my favourite part. I designed and built it to be able to process huge amounts of images as quick as possible. It makes my editing workflow much more responsive and enjoyable.

The biggest distraction is having to adult and do #life stuff.

The set up is missing my Bower & Wilkins speakers and Denon Amp that have been nicked to go in the dining room instead.

If I’m away from my desk, I’m at the gym or out eating cake (balance).

My perfect setup would include 2x 24″ 30-Bit 4k monitors, Wacom Tablet, Canon Pro 1000 fine art printer, my speakers and amp, bean to cup espresso machine, and enough space for a small studio. Then finally, a window looking out over a lake with sharp, jagged mountains on the horizon.

Andy is the brainpower behind Chester Elements Photography. Follow him on Twitter here. We regularly steal his awesome photos for our feed, and did you see his Meltdown shoot in issue 3? – boy, did he nail it.

Space from scratch -Steph Allman

This is my room/personal study. Please keep the espresso coming, put Simon and Garfunkel on the record player and a wrap a blanket around me like a cape.

My stepdad asked me to design my dream desk while I was studying at university and he built it out of recycled furniture from the room.

This is where I write, research various techy things, sketch and read.

It’s very distracting when my journalism friends tag me in political memes.

If I’m missing, you’ll find me in a coffee shop with my headphones on.

I’d love a better chair, better view, a dog on my lap and an IV of pure caffeine going into my bloodstream.

Steph is amble’s Social Media Analyst and is often out and about in Chester, causing mischief with the amble mascot pup, Gatsby.

Thanks Grandma -Yam Kovatch

This is my sofa where you’ll find me with a pot of tea, a blanket over me, and Channel 4 daytime television in the background.

If I can resist the distraction of social media I’ll be mainly editing and selecting photos. I like to keep my photos very natural so I don’t retouch much in them apart of slight colour correction. I spend most of the time opening every photo and looking at it to make sure that it’s how I want it to be.

I also work from local coffee shops; Jaunty Goat and Little Yellow Pig are my favourite places.

I love the sofa the most – it looks like it came out of my grandmother’s house.

I guess it’s missing a desk! I’d like a 27 inch iMac Pro, iPad Pro with pencil, a photography studio… and a cat.

Yam hasn’t been working with amble for long, but we’re DELIGHTED to have her and her camera. Check out Yam’s photography here. You can also check out her photos for the Cowslip Studios feature here.

All the colours – Anne-Marie Rickus

Welcome to my little studio at the bottom of my garden – my creative haven!

I need coffee and podcasts (although will often listen to the radio as well). My children invade a lot. Grown-up taks are also distracting.

If I had to choose, I’d say my favourite part is probably the wall just above my desk. It has lots of pictures and images for inspiration – other illustrators, my children’s drawings, things I have collected over the years – and it’s just very pleasing to the eye.

All my illustration work is done here – from the messy bits (drawing, painting, printmaking….etc.) to the more final, ‘cleaner’ digital aspects of my work. I also store all my art materials for workshops in here as well. I can often be found testing materials & designing prototypes for the art workshops that I lead for schools and community groups.

My perfect set-up would be a bit bigger, so that I could run workshops as well. It would also be great to have a kitchen/washing up area, as well as a loo! Without running water, I’m forever having to nip down the garden back to the house and into the kitchen to clean brushes, make a cuppa…etc.

If I’m not here, I’m somewhere in the house – if I’m multitasking & need to keep an eye on the kids as well. Sometimes I will go to a cafe, but as all my materials are in the studio I very rarely go elsewhere.

Ann-Marie is another delightful amble newbie and you can check out her illustration work here