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Looking Locally

Looking Locally

You’ve been staring at the same four walls for what feels like an eternity (thanks COVID) and now you’re sick of them 🙄. Sound familiar? We know Gem has done her fair share of home renovation, so it’s only fair I take my turn for a spot of decorating. I’m looking locally to see how I can support our community as well as making my home look heavenly!

For me, bringing a home to life comes with the finishing touches, the personality and unique finds that litter shelves or surfaces and adorn seatbacks and walls. These are the things you curate and collect through life with meaning and finesse. By no means is this the end of the road for all things interior in Chester, it’s just that these are some of my favourites – the ones myself and amble have a connection with. I reached out on our social platforms and was inundated with responses, so big shout out to those who helped! 

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Pretty Things

For some greenery:

For me, no home is complete without a touch of leafy green goodness. As you may, or may not know, I indulge in the Chester Plant Swap (is too many plants even a thing?). To supplement my needs between meetings (gosh I sound like an addict) there are a fair few spots across town where you can pick up the goods:

Green Rooms

If Google lost all plant knowledge you wouldn’t need to worry as Hannah houses it all. Her stunning store is overflowing with the highest quality products, care and knowledge, to ensure your beauty can be taken home and continue to flourish. 

Purely Pots

You can’t miss this gem found in the centre of Chester Market. Over flowering (see what I did there emoji)  with some of the biggest plants on offer in Chester and adding a wonderful atmosphere for diners and shoppers alike – advertising the jungle you can create in your own home.


It’s no secret that this place does beautiful bouquets, in fact, I don’t think beautiful does them justice, but did you know they also have a stunning range of house plants too? From the little to the large, find an abundance of houseplants tucked down lower bridge street.

For your prints:

So you’ve painted the walls and they still feel a bit bare. The expanse of white can look clinical – artwork is an amazing way of adding personality to any room. I like to mix in prints with personal pictures and pieces that complement or contrast:


If you want something, anything actually, chances are this site has it. From glitter smeared historic art to side-splitting funny quotes to stunning scenery, the options are endless. 

Sans Studio 

For something a little quirky where you’re hunting down a one of a kind piece then Sans studio is a great one-stop-shop based in Chester Market. Think collage, type and photography, I have my eye on about 50% of the shop!

For your bits & bobs:

As I mentioned, those finishing touches are what makes a house a home, so sourcing those extra special pieces can be difficult – but when we have so many amazing independents with mad skills your main problem will be too much choice. Here are a few:

See Also

The Stripes Company

I recently came across this brand when they reached out to Amble HQ and we quickly snapped up a blanket to use on our shoot (here’s a lil sneak preview on our brunch post). Stripes are timeless which goes without saying and despite the weather turning, my beautiful blanket is brightening up my home. You can find the shop on the waverton business park so pack and a mask and pop in!

2nd floor

An Aladdin’s cave of the weird and wonderful, if you want something colourful and unique then this is the place to go. It’s worth the trip up Northgate Street, especially as someone recently told me they got a gnome tea towel from them! Come on, who doesn’t need a gnome tea towel?!

The Interiors Shop 

Tucked a little out of town this place is worth the journey! A carefully curated collection that brings something different from a whole host of local and independent makers and designers. From the small to the big, the paint and the paper, maybe even the kitchen sink. Ok, I am joking about the last but you get the idea. 

Horton and Broster

A good friend of amble, this woman is incredible. Beautiful, detailed illustrations covering an array of stunning pieces like cushions, oven mitts and aprons. I love the quality and aesthetics Katy offers. I have my eye on the bumble bees!

This list is by no means exhaustive. Comment if you know any more or get in touch and I will add them to the list because it’s great to build a community. And if your a real obsessive like me follow my home reno account: @athomeinhandbridge 

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