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I have one pair of shoes I wear until they break, never get my nails done and the only thing I really take pride in is my skin and (sometimes) makeup. The idea of going to a beauty salon and getting absolutely pampered came across as both heavenly and expensive.

In my opinion, Beauty Vault is affordable yet high quality. For my first massage and facial experience I felt like a princess. £25.00 for a back massage that removed all the stress and tension of writing my dissertation was really worth every penny.

Whilst getting the massage the stereotype of every beautician being snobby and judging was completely absent. I was nervous I’d be told to be quiet while she worked her magic but instead we spent the whole time gossiping about skincare, what each ‘tightspot’ meant and how I could prevent my back turning into a solid rock of stress.

“I’ve been in beauty for 12 years now and I’ve always wanted my own salon,” says Yvonne. “Beauty Vault is hidden away so it’s very difficult to get passing trade, but we have devoted regulars who we love and always enjoy seeing. We put a lot of effort into our products, almost everything is vegan and cruelty-free. We know what’s in each product so we can change the treatment to fit the customer’s skin requirements”.

The three-room space is located at 47b Hoole Road and perfect for sitting and relaxing with the staff in. It’s cleaned to perfection (which soothes me and my crippling OCD). I spend a good half an hour chatting with the girls about different treatments before I’m taken to my massage.

Most of the conversation is casual, but Yvonne takes her time assessing my skin type, customizing and changing the treatment to fit me best; which is a rarity these days – most people will try and get you out the door and the next customer in ASAP.

Turns out I have combination skin but very dehydrated, which means most people would try give me products suited for dry skin, making me oily and spotty. I also get advice about my makeup choices, skincare routine and I share a few previous, poor choices.

In all honesty, I absolutely love my time in Beauty Vault. As someone who’s never gotten a massage or facial before I’m amazed at how relaxing the experience was. It wasn’t, (as I’d expected) a solid hour of being consistently upsold services and products. The staff genuinely know what they’re on about; you can easily understand your skin type and how to care for it, free of technical terms being flung at you left, right and centre.

They’re knowledgeable and genuinely believe in their products, “We use PAYOT for our massages and treatments. It’s a French brand with its own factory in Paris. They don’t add unnecessary perfumes and fragrances – it’s just a balance of science and botanicals. I love watching customers take in the natural smells and just relax back into the chair!”

The Beauty Vault’s repertoire ranges from waxing all the way to holistic hot stones; considering there are only two members of staff the list of services seems almost endless.

A great gift idea for a loved one (Mother’s Day is 31st March) or, better yet, a treat for yourself. Find them online here, or connect on Instagram and Facebook.