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See this…whether you’re a thirty-something or not!

Giggles, titters, cackles and guffaws: Tiptop’s Coupling has the lot. And that goes for both on stage and off.

Coupling, written by Steven Moffat, was originally a BBC sitcom but has been transformed into a stage play consisting of three hilarious episodes, with Tiptop’s performance as its premiere.

I’m far away from my thirties, but Coupling paints a picture of instantly recognisable characters. They’re all thirty-something’s; six close friends with such well-drawn characters that you need no introduction. You know them now, or quite possibly you knew them once! You’re instantly involved and fascinated by the fabulous chaos of both their social and sex lives.

The friends consist of 3 men, 3 women. Robert Lyon (Steve) puts his foot into everything possible, with his perfect facial expressions to match. Ashley Sollars (Jeff) provides one-liners which had a man behind me in tears and Phil Cross (Patrick) plays a suitably suave operator indeed. NB. I was relieved to see his curly locks return towards the end…

Hollie Anderton (Susan), Catherine Byant (Sally) and Brogan Craine (Jane) give wonderful glimpses into their relationships with both the opposite sex and each other. There’s fabulous girly gossiping plus hilarious ploys hatched in dealing with their crazy friendships. And Zoe Milne as Jill, Jane’s therapist, has superb stand-out dialogue with Steve. Anymore said would be a spoiler, but it’s certainly tiptop comedy!

Production Team with Josephine McHugh as Director, gave us a great evening. Tickets here or 01244 341296

Performances until Sat 25th, incl Sat matinee.

*Rehearsal images courtesy of Cheshire Live