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Ben Elton’s buzzing satire about hungry journalists and tabloid newspapers plays brilliantly over the top characters, adult humour and a fabulously ingenious plot. It’s an entertaining show indeed!

Jo Lloyd plays Doris Wallis (“mutton dressed as rat”, mutters another character). Doris sashays about in her leopard stilettos, low-cut tops, her hips undulating wildly, giving us lots of comedy with her superb one-liners. She describes the RSC audience as “8 ponces on a mailing list, plus 50 pissed off school kids in an audience” and throughout, never does Doris mince her acerbic words.

Sally Dillon plays Peggy, introduced as Doris’s pleasantly mild assistant. However, Peggy has a hidden agenda in which Sally beautifully demonstrates her versatile dramatic talents in no uncertain terms. But it would be a big spoiler if I said more!

And the male characters, equally strong, consist of Simon Phillips as sleazy politically incorrect Editor Sidney, with Mike Jenkinson-Deakin as Douglas, greying Welsh accountant and Samuel Thompson as Doris’s druggie Toy Boy Eduardo. Fabulous contrasts, all.

Silly Cow was a treat for The Tip Top audience and it’s certainly worth catching if you can. Running until 27th April – book your tickets here.

Pic credit: Mark Carline