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Despite just finishing up a long lunch at Chai St on Brook Street, nothing was going to get between me and the cheese, not even appetite.

My friend and I led our husbands deep into the wilderness of Handbridge, none the wiser about where they were going. It was my first visit to Meltdown too, and what an induction it was.

Laura had kitted the place out to romantic perfection; low lighting, heart confetti, acoustic gems over the speakers. And she was everything her Twitter feed had built her up to be; warm, funny and a dab hand at all things cheese (it may sound like I’m more in love with Laura than my husband at this point. I can neither confirm nor deny).

She started us off with peppercorn and blue cheese pâté, thick slices of bread, and a touch of charcuterie. The £25 per head also saw us with a lovely bottle of Pinot between two. And as the windows steamed up, things started to get very saucy indeed. I’m talking about the fondu course guys.

We dipped, we dangled, we scooped and sighed. I’m still talking about the melty melty goodness. We let the pot bubble away and coated sausages, carrots, potatoes and crusty bread in the gooey pot. We also sparred – when someone lost food from their skewer it was every man for himself.

There was plenty of grub – a big win on a night like this. Too often you opt for a fixed price shindig and feel a little cheated. Not here, Laura spoilt us, and we went to town. It was like I hadn’t just consumed a two course indian meal – consider my hunger reignited.

We finished things off with a chunk of brownie, some love heart sweets and a shot of kirsch (nice touch). I couldn’t leave without the assurance that she’d put the event on again, romance or no, and luckily, she’s keen to replicate.

Her next event though (sounding equally stupendous) is an RnBrie affair, taking place on Saturday 17th March. Cheese lovers can expect baked brie, charcuterie, bread, pickles and wine (£20 a head). Contact Meltdown on Twitter if you’re intrigued, here.