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Ten Minutes with Chester Elements

Ten Minutes with Chester Elements


How do you spend your time, when you’re not running Elements Media? I manage a client relations department for a national facilities companySomething people might not know or think about you?I spent most of the early naughties travelling around Europe going to huge trance raves. Full on, day-glo makeup and tight spandex outfits. I’ve also had my hair every colour other than green.Favourite place or activity in Chester?Sat in Porta with a carafe of tempranillo and a plate of EVERY tapas available. Activity wise, this is a very close call between wandering around with my camera creating pictures and trying as many of the IPA’s, DIPA’s and Stouts on the menu of Cellar Bar before I can’t see any more.The best piece of advice you’ve ever heard/been given?Don’t chase money. Think about the opportunities hard work and dedication to something can offer instead. I genuinely believe that people who work hard to make a difference and offer value to others, will be the people who are most satisfied in life.What is the most important thing you’ve learnt about starting your business?Learn from your mistakes and don’t stop hustling! Nothing happens overnight and you will go wrong A LOT. Keep at it, keep learning, constantly strive to get better and never think you’ve got it in the bag. Once you think that, you stand still.What do you do for amble and how did you get involved?If I were to describe my role, I’d say I take pictures that others quite like. I also have a tendency to interrupt at meetings and go off on a tangent. You could say it’s the creative side leading me astray!I entered a competition to take a picture of amble at an independent location in Chester. This lead to a discussion with Gemma and an opportunity to come to a team meeting. Since then it’s been a whirlwind year with loads of well good stuff happening.How can people find out more about you? I love a natter and to help others. If anyone ever has any questions then feel free to ‘slide into the DMs’. I’ve got an Insta page for the three areas of photography I enjoy. These are:




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You can also check out my website on Please have a good mooch through as there are extra shots on there you won’t find on my IG pages.

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